Historical Maps


La “Carta dei Ducati Estensi” di Marco Antonio Pasi
carta navigabile
approfondimento di Massimo Rossi



Il transunto della pianta delle Valli di Comacchio
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approfondimento di Achille Lodovisi


Il Ferrariae Ducatus della Galleria delle Carte Geografiche in Vaticano
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approfondimento di Massimo Rossi

Carta del ferrarese del 1814
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Thematic maps

The maps in this section deal with different topics of the territory of Ferrara:

  • the new Geological-Geomorphological Map of the Province of Ferrara describes the shape of the landscape, the distribution of the lithologies and the original depositional environments;
  • the risk maps show the different levels of criticality due to flooding, subsidence and seismicity through an intuitive legend of traffic-light type : the risk increases progressively towards the red and purple;
  • The map of the landscape invariants is created by interpreting the historical map of Marco Antonio Pasi (1571).

These maps are available at the link:

3D Models

Pagina web dei modelli 3D

In this section are shown three-dimensional maps and volumetric models of the subsurface:

  • The geological model of the Volano Po Delta area which includes the Mesola site. The model represents the whole Holocene sedimentary succession and the top of the Pleistocene and includes 5 units describing lithology and depositional environments (backbarrier and delta plain, littoral sandbar and dunes, prodeltas and offshore, coastal plain and transgressive barrier, Pleistocene floodplain).
  • The Po delta lobes model that includes 5 units defined on the basis of the geometry of geological bodies (lobes) and the age of the deposits: the post XVI century lobe, the Middle Ages – XVI century lobe, the Roman lobe, the pre-Roman lobe and the undifferentiated coastal deposits. The model is completed by the digital terrain model on which were projected the topographic map at 1: 250: 000, the faded altimetry and the geomorphological map of the delta lobes.
  • some of the maps of the “Thematic Maps” section, here displayed in three dimensions.

The models have been published on the web pages:

In these website, through intuitive controls you can turn on and off the different units and surface maps and it’s possible to zoom, rotate and query the models.


This video shows the impact of Nature and Renaissance Culture in shaping the landscape. Besides, it is one of the output of the educational project “Conosci il tuo Paesaggio” (“Know your Landscape”), included in the Management Plan “Ferrara città del Rinascimento e il suo delta del Po”.
Educational video: 7.59 minutes

Local museums, a journey through land and water.
Video: 25 minutes


Summer of joy


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