Delizia di Medelana

It was one of the Este family autumn resorts, used while the courtiers were hunting with falcons and nets.

In November 1499 Duke Ercole I and his son Alfonso, future Duke of Ferrara, arrived at the residence by boat.

Lucrezia Borgia, the wife of Alfonso I, was a regular visitor and it was here that she received the news of the death of her father, Pope Alessandro VI Borgia. In 1504 the poet Pietro Bembo sent his book Gli Asolani”  to Lucrezia at Medelana.

It was the favourite “delizia of Marfisa, the only member of the Este family to remain in Ferrara after the devolution to the Holy See in 1598.

Torquato Tasso stayed here as a guest of Marfisa in 1593, allowing him to leave the “prison” hospital of Sant’Anna di Ferrara, so that he could rest and recover.

In memory of this period – commemorated with a plaque – and the platonic love between Tasso, Marfisa and Tarquinia Molza at Medelana, the poet wrote La Molza”.

In 1972 the Dal Buono family became the owners of the estate.